What is Collieries Trade

Collieries Trade aims to disrupt the coal trading industry by lowering the barrier
to creating algorithmic trading models (That work best for individuals/solo Traders).

We built a platform for
The coal trading Industry

Coal is a fossil fuel formed from dead plant matter trapped between rock deposits.

Over a period of millions of years, biological and geological processes turn this material into peat and then through further metamorphosis into lignite, sub-bituminous coal and finally anthracite coal.

Coal has been used as an energy source throughout human history. Cavemen used the rock to heat their caves. During the Industrial Revolution, its use proliferated as energy needs expanded. Today coal generates 41% of the global supply of electricity and plays a key role in several other industries.

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Market Demand & Portfolio Diversification

Investors purchase coal for a variety of reasons. [1] Bet on Emerging Market Demand [2] Bet on Infrastructure [3] Portfolio Diversification

Bet on Emerging Market Demand

The fast-growing Chinese economy has an insatiable demand for cheap fossil fuels to produce energy. Chinese electricity usage is likely to surge over the coming decades as the country builds new factories and housing

India will also see massive increases in its electricity consumption as it modernizes its economy. Unlike the West, China and India are less likely to be influenced by environmental concerns when making public policy. An investment in coal is a way to bet on the modernization of these emerging market economies.


Bet on Infrastructure

The United States has not invested in major infrastructure projects in decades.

Infrastructure requires massive quantities of steel. Demand for coal (and the coke from coal used to produce steel) could surge if plans to replace the crippling infrastructure in the United States come to fruition.

Other large developed countries in Europe and Asia will have massive infrastructure needs in the coming years. The price of coal used to make coke is about three times higher than the price of coal used in the electric power sector.

Project Plans


Investing in coal along with other commodities is a way to diversify an investment portfolio.

January 2018
Idea planning
February 2018
Proposal to Development
April 2018
Technical & strategy
July 2018
Product Public Release Live Now
August 2018
Divident strategy
October 2018
Software development kit
for integrations
November 2018
Beta Version
Auto Trading
Decemeber 2018
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android


Collieries Trade has opened up its the doors for interested active members to hold presentations, introducing new people to the platform.
The idea in this step is to explore and create regional teams.

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